A step to freedom

-from attachment to detachment-

We ,humans, as a „primary“ sensual being are creating our world opinion by informations we percieve and realize trough sences. This five sences we have – five doors to recieve information(and one to process it – mind). How big than our world can be? How deep can our understanding be?

As we grow up form our percieving, we realize what Time means, what is Matter,   we learn how to  understand things around us.  All this „small“ things forming our Ego. Our percieving of ourselves. Ego is connected with mind and mind´s building material – toughts.  Little by little we are loosing our connection to the high awareness, to present moment and start to be focused on outer world, the future or past.

Past –  memories we store in our mind.

Future – expectations we have, hopes and beliefs.

Somewhere in the middle is a small portion of present moment –  the only thing we have, the only thing we are really in.  Somewhere is written that „there is no difference between me and now“. I can not be in past, and I can not be in future. Only „place where I can work“ is now. As Patanjali (4.12) says“ Past and future exist in the present reality, appearing to be different because of having different characteristics or forms.“ It is important to understand that past and future exists just in our reality, reality based on 5 sences( or 6, where sixth one is a mind) and it is called Maya. But what is behind? What is the „matrix“ running behind all this „real world“ ?

„the true self can always observe the modifications of mind, because this pure self is not in motion.“ PYS 4.18

If you like to discover this matrix you should go beyond the sences, even beyond the mind. And this is what yoga describes in various techniques, based on asanas,  pranayamas and meditations. It opens to us different ways to „see“ and understand what metters in spiritual life.

Is it a matter? Is it emotions? Is it relationships, happines or something else?

What is the one we identify with? Who we are? Are we our names, or our bodies, our houses or cars? Our watch brand or clothes? Or even we are what others thinks of us we are? What is the one we are identify with? Think about it.

What helps me to realize what is important in life, was written in books focused on death. Yes, with death our individuality, our ego dies. But is that really end of our being? Is it death of ego, death of memory or something else? I was fascinated by researches of Dr. Robert Monroe (who devote big part of his life to reserch modified states of consciousnes, out of body experinces), or Dr. Raymond Moody and his famous book Life after life (reserches and experiences with people who experienced clinical death) or catchy book Many lifes many masters Written by Brian L. Waiss (where describes his own experience with regrese therapy applied on his client). There is different researches and all of them have the same core –  there is something after death(death of our physical body, sences and mind) and there is something wich reminds and helps our Soul to „Grow up“.  


„ First stage of awareness is a stage of desirelessness from sence-pleasure, arising out of objects we experienced, is called non-attachement.“ PYS 1.15


One more thing, there were research of Bronnie Ware, nurse who taking care of the people on their death bed. She  asked them, what they would change in their life if they can.

 There is  a „top 5 regrets of the dying“ things they would change:

  1. I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.
  2. I wish I didn’t work so hard.
  3. I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.
  4. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.
  5. I wish that I had let myself be happier.


But there is a long way wich begins with increasing awareness and lowering attachement. Generally we are (western world) matter focused.

Imagine small boy playing with a plastic sword and crown, he is a king, rulling whole the world. There is clearly to see how we (adults) explained him that this atributs belongs to the certain role. Imagine this boy growing up and identifiing himself with the latest smartphone model. He does not have this model? Aww, he will be sad. Imagine him few years later,  what if he still keeps the same pattern and stay focused on the outer (matter) world. Than he will be hunting the material things to satisfy his identification.

Is that right or wrong?

It does not matter, It is just one of the steps of awareness. If this needs will be fulfilled (in this or next life) and awareness will increase, than it is possible to move forward. And this is good time to focus on the things wich remains after death of our individuality, ego.

Try to do a step away – increase awareness, be witness of your individuality, ego. How to do it? From experience I have I can say that first step was easy sentence – Thank you. If you are aware of the good things and realize them, you can say thank you. Later even there is some bad thing happend, you will realize what is behind, why it happend(what is the real menaing) and again you will be thankfull for this. Each one piece of awareness you relize will help you to move a bit foreward to the total awareness at every moment.

What will happend than? You will be able to see the things deteched, even ther is something wrong, it will happend „far“ from you, because you will not be involved, you will be just witness. And if you stay witness in all the situations, you have the knowledge, you have the calm and power, than all control will be avalible for you.


 „For those who are much attached to pleasure and to power, whose minds are drawn away.“ BG 2.44


So keep calm your mind, keep peace in your heart and let the love guide your steps.



PYS – Patanjali Yoga Sutras

BG -Bhagavad Gita